What is a Family Office?

A family office acts as a personal CFO or chief advisor to wealthy families, with a dedicated team of professionals who oversee and manage the complete financial affairs of client families.

Family offices are private firms that manage just about everything for the wealthiest families: tax planning, investment management, estate planning, Trusts, philanthropy and more.

With origins tracing back to wealthy 19th century European and American families, family offices have a long history of providing a wide range of highly specialized and custom-tailored services.

Family offices have become known for their unbiased advice and objectivity, and the integration and coordination of the services they provide with those of the family’s other advisors. They provide highly customized service for several generations of the same family.

Families usually engage a family office when their assets have grown to a size where full-time professional management is required or could be beneficial.

A relatively recent phenomenon is the multi-family office, where one firm manages the affairs of multiple wealthy families. 

The benefits of a family office include: