About Us

Family Wealth Advisors Ltd (FWA) was founded in 2009 by Mr. Daniel Peretz (CEO).

FWA is an independent, privately-owned, multi-client boutique family office, which provides a broad set of family office services to high net worth individuals and families in Israel. We act as the personal CFO for our clients, coordinating and managing the complexities of the family investments and broader family affairs.  

Our goal is to bring direction, perspective and confidence to the everyday management of our clients’ net worth, and ensure that our client's wealth grows for generations to come. We help our clients to correctly define the direction they need to take and to develop a broader and longer-term perspective. We work closely with our clients’ existing professional advisors to ensure that everything is coordinated and integrated.

We are hands-on managers with a ‘get things done’ orientation. We are building a long-lasting relationship with each of our client families and we believe that regular, ongoing communication is essential. Throughout the entire process, we maintain absolute confidentiality with respect to our clients and their private information.